Month: August 2010


Welcome to the new improved ICMA website and one of the exciting new features is the ICMA blog, delivering fresh new content to the ICMA membership provided by the Rising Stars sub-committee, Guest Bloggers and industry leaders.

The ICMA blog will provide interesting insight to the ever changing classifieds industry, covering such topics as the Ebay vs. Craigslist court battle. (Which it seems Ebay just took the first win with the judge ruling that CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark “breached their fiduciary duties” when diluting eBay’s stake in craigslist and thus denying Ebay a seat on the board. – Way to go ICMA member Ebay!) The impact of social media on the classifieds industry, Adsense optimization and many more interesting topics waiting to be tackled!

We welcome you to be an active member, guest blogger, industry leader and the like. Please feel free to send in your blog submissions that we can proof and publish. (Keep in mind we are an association allowing for a bit more casual and friendly atmosphere… but we ask that you keep them clean and in good spirit!) Should you be interested just forward your details and/or blog submission to