Month: January 2012

Classified Expansions in America

After traveling through several South and North American cities during the holidays it left me awake at night thinking about cultural differences and how much they affect a business plan.

For example, family members who know my company’s online classifieds in Canada were saying, “You should open a Chilean version!” like it was a brick-and-mortar shop that we could just lease and have up and running over night then everyone would see it and come by every day.  However, things we take for granted in North America like weekend garage sales, second hand and antique stores as well as clothing swap groups aren’t yet necessarily as popular in some South American countries.  So if we opened up a classified company down there, would they easily adopt the concept of going to a stranger’s house with cash in hand?  Is it safe enough for those who haven’t grown up with tips and tricks for shopping?

– Charlotte Cowley, ICMA Future Leaders Network Member,, Marketing Manager