Month: February 2012

QR codes – don’t over do it

qr code imageA friend recently posted a link to a YouTube video called “The Problem with QR codes”. Though QR codes are not new to the advertising world, many companies still don’t have a clue as to how to properly display them. The video gives a comical view on how NOT to use these QR codes for advertisement:

Do not include them in emails – the person receiving your message is already connected to the internet – just include the link and don’t forget to use good Anchor text for SEO

Do not include them on billboards – not everyone has great zoom on their camera to capture the image and often times they are driving by so there is no way they’ll capture the QR code. It will be easier to post a simple URL that can be easy to find.

Do not print them so big a user has to step back to get the entire image on the phone – often times I see QR codes on posters at the mall and it basically takes up the entire wall of the store.

Don’t add them to TV commercials – if I’m comfortably sitting on my couch watching TV, why would I get up to take a picture of a QR code from the screen? Chances are I do have a web enabled device next to me as I’m watching TV, so just advertise a URL domain and I’ll be sure to visit.

Don’t feel that you have to use QR codes in everything you do and be mindful of the platform you are using to reach your consumer.

Gabriela Martin del Campo is Director of Strategic Operations for El Clasificado part of EC Hispanic Media and chair of the ICMA Future Leaders Network