Month: January 2013

Outsourcing: Employees cheat employers

outsourcingWho’s really working on your projects?

I’m not much of a writer but it is my turn to jot down some words on this blog so I figured I’d share with you an article I found about outsourcing.

It’s not a crime to outsource. Many companies do it to ease the work load of its staff or to simply get projects done at a fraction of the price – all this is fine when the company is aware of the outsource projects being done. But what happens when employees themselves outsource projects YOU are paying THEM for?

Apparently such a thing was done by an employee of an undisclosed company. While being paid a six figure salary in US dollars to complete projects, he outsourced his work to China paying only 1/5 of his salary. This went on for six months before the company investigated his VPN connection and discovered that rather than doing the work himself, he not only outsourced it but spent most of his now free time watching cat videos online.

I’m sure this is not the first or the last employee that does such a thing but it sure makes you wonder, when you have staff working from remote locations, how much of the work being done is by them and how much is done by someone else.

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