Month: December 2013

Why Your Visitors Aren’t Spending More – Tips And Tools For Generating More Money More Often

If your company had only one user, would he or she be happy? With some types of business the answer is a definite no. No one would want to join a dating site that had only one member. The same is true for many types of business, including:

  • Sites that put members in touch with other members, like auction sites, trading platforms, job sites and classifieds sites.
  • Sites that depend on user-generated content, like YouTube, Flickr, IMDb and StackOverflow.

In a recent edition of our ICMA webinar series, Conversion Rate Experts‘ Co-founder Karl Blanks presented his company’s winning strategies for classifieds players and addresses the ever important issues around conversion.  Companies such as Apple, Sony and Google turn to CRE when they need help increasing their website conversions

If you want to turn your classified site’s visitors into customers, you need to identify why most of them are abandoning. This can be difficult, as visitors who leave your site come and go without a trace. How can you find out what they wanted?  How do you discover what would have persuaded them to take action?

 Bricks and mortar companies have it easier. They are able to ask direct questions of their customers. They would hear what they muttered as they headed for  the door. On  the web, it’s harder to capture the voice of the customer, but it can be done.  The approach to optimisation is a scientific one, and during the webcast Karl  discussed the      following:  Google’s “URL strategy,” and why it’s particularly important for classified sites, five tools that are invaluable for finding out why your visitors  aren’t spending  more, and case studies showing how you can generate more money from your existing visitors.

Download the presentation materials: