Art on demand

Art is one of those things many don’t buy because they don’t know if it’s worth the price or think to themselves, “I can paint that myself, and better!” Since each master piece can be unique, how do you value a one of a kind painting? No worries, Ethan Appleby to the rescue, who as founder of Vango, has made buying and selling art as easy as ordering an Uber.

Users can go to Vango and find that perfect piece to accentuate their wall, while artists can login and have their art curated by the Vango team to get top dollar for their work. A cool feature Vango has on their app is the ability to see how a piece of art will hang on your wall giving the users a great experience and minimizing the “will that look good on my wall?” question.

The marketplace world has gone beyond the traditional buying and selling of stuff we no longer want from people we don’t even know to finding stuff you never even knew you wanted from sites that guarantee your satisfaction…and Vango is no exception.

Author: Gabriela Martin Del Campo, Digital Operation Director at El Clasificado