The Atlanta Global Summit will offered the ICMA Delegates the unique opportunity to network and expand their horizions with over 400 publishers worldwide.  In Atlanta the members learned how to monetize the newest technologies on the marketplace, hearing  from the experts in Innovation, Data Driven Businesses, Mobile, SEO and Social Media to name but a few of the hot-topics that were covered in the general and workshop sessions.

ICMA members and delegates benefit from the sharing of invaluable information with the worldwide community of classified media professionals. The Atlanta Global Summit will deliver three days of dedicated plenary sessions, panels and debates plus breakout “Sharing Best Practice” sessions for senior executives, sales managers and technology managers, dedicated workshops and single-disciplinary meetings for business leaders,  operation-level managers, and sales managers along with the best networking and local cultural entertainment available.

The ICMA environment provides a sense of camaraderie, openness and sincerity, even amongst businesses that compete with each other, setting us apart from other associations.

We enjoyed welcoming the attendees to Atlanta 18-21 April 2012 for the unique opportunity to share and learn from our sister organization the AFCP.

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