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Content Marketing for Classified Industry

Business Operations Forum 2014 HelsinkiThe ICMA “Monetising Digital: Show me the Money” Conference is right around the corner.  I’m sure many of us are getting ready with wrapping up our projects in our companies and packing for our trip to beautiful Helsinki, Finland.

The Business Operations Forum agenda is all set and ready for your participation on Saturday, 24 May. The topic of discussion will be Content Marketing: what it is and how we can apply it to our classified industry as well and create inbound lead opportunities. Continue reading Content Marketing for Classified Industry

Outsourcing: Employees cheat employers

outsourcingWho’s really working on your projects?

I’m not much of a writer but it is my turn to jot down some words on this blog so I figured I’d share with you an article I found about outsourcing.

It’s not a crime to outsource. Many companies do it to ease the work load of its staff or to simply get projects done at a fraction of the price – all this is fine when the company is aware of the outsource projects being done. But what happens when employees themselves outsource projects YOU are paying THEM for?

Apparently such a thing was done by an employee of an undisclosed company. While being paid a six figure salary in US dollars to complete projects, he outsourced his work to China paying only 1/5 of his salary. This went on for six months before the company investigated his VPN connection and discovered that rather than doing the work himself, he not only outsourced it but spent most of his now free time watching cat videos online.

I’m sure this is not the first or the last employee that does such a thing but it sure makes you wonder, when you have staff working from remote locations, how much of the work being done is by them and how much is done by someone else.

el clasificado

Gabriela Martin del Campo is Sr. Director of Strategic Operations for
El Clasificado and Chair of the ICMA Future Leaders Network

QR codes – don’t over do it

qr code imageA friend recently posted a link to a YouTube video called “The Problem with QR codes”. Though QR codes are not new to the advertising world, many companies still don’t have a clue as to how to properly display them. The video gives a comical view on how NOT to use these QR codes for advertisement:

Do not include them in emails – the person receiving your message is already connected to the internet – just include the link and don’t forget to use good Anchor text for SEO

Do not include them on billboards – not everyone has great zoom on their camera to capture the image and often times they are driving by so there is no way they’ll capture the QR code. It will be easier to post a simple URL that can be easy to find.

Do not print them so big a user has to step back to get the entire image on the phone – often times I see QR codes on posters at the mall and it basically takes up the entire wall of the store.

Don’t add them to TV commercials – if I’m comfortably sitting on my couch watching TV, why would I get up to take a picture of a QR code from the screen? Chances are I do have a web enabled device next to me as I’m watching TV, so just advertise a URL domain and I’ll be sure to visit.

Don’t feel that you have to use QR codes in everything you do and be mindful of the platform you are using to reach your consumer.

Gabriela Martin del Campo is Director of Strategic Operations for El Clasificado part of EC Hispanic Media and chair of the ICMA Future Leaders Network

Eye Contact – not just important in person

designing great adsI’m not a designer by trade but have in many instances had to design something; flyers, ads, banners and websites. I’ve managed to get by with the basics so any tips I get on design are always welcome. I recently read a blog in titled 6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations. These design tips were written for Landing Pages but can easily be applied to any type of advertising.

They were all great tips but Tip #2 was an a-ha moment for me. Choosing the right image for your landing page is always important but more so when you want your audience to pay attention to what it is you want them to do. This tip suggests choosing a image that has the person in the picture looking at whatever it is you want your audience to see… eye contact is important not only when you meet someone but also when you want them to look at something – just like pointing.

If someone stands in the middle of a room and looks straight up – what will you do? You’d look up as well to see what they where looking at. The same idea applies in design… not a proven scientific fact but worth a shot!

Gabriela Martin del Campo is Director of Strategic Operations for El Clasificado and chair of the ICMA Future Leaders Network