ICMA is only as valuable as the collective knowledge of its members. As the industry continues to consolidate, the Association needs to expand its membership. Therefore bringing in additional expertise and ideas from the broader classified industry.

Recruiting new members is one of Head Office’s highest priorities. One of the most important sources of leads and recommendations is you, our members.

That’s why ICMA offers a bounty payment of 15% of the first year’s fees paid by any new member that you help to recruit.

We’re not asking for a complete sales job, (though that would be nice!). All you need to do is introduce ICMA to your contact and establish that they would be interested in learning more. Finally provide their contact details (name, telephone, email address etc.) to Hannah Worrall and we’ll do the rest.

There is no downside!

More members mean more expertise and knowledge for the Association. It also means more resources available to members. Lastly, more members mean an increase in valuable contacts across markets to help you solve the challenges and issues that you face every day.

Many of ICMA’s members participate in the Association alongside competitors from their home markets. Some of them even work together on the Board of Directors. Don’t be reluctant to recruit from amongst your competition. You’ll find there’s more advantages than conflicts of interest.

The small print

  1. The 15% payable applies to the membership, entry, and installation fees paid by the new member in the first calendar year of membership
  2. Any bounty will be paid by a credit note against the next calendar year’s fees which will be held on account
  3. In cases where more than one member has helped recruit a new member, Head Office will decide a fair split of the 15% bounty between the assisting members