ICMA is implementing for the first time ever, a vendor workshop session, “Shaping Your Future Workshops” at the Cologne Conference. ICMA delegates will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and fellow publishers on how to best shape the future of your business.  You will have the opportunity to attend 2 of the 10 workshops offered on Friday 19 April – the key is to divide and conquer to maximize this unique session!

*NB: Please note that these are separate workshops from the Friday afternoon sessions

Workshop Session 1 – 12.00 – 12.20
Workshop Session 2 – 12.25 – 12.45

Workshop 1: Marketplace Classifieds – Why Search is Key…

Artirix will be highlighting two major case studies 1. Euromoney ISI and Benchmark-litigation covering how Artirix built a solution of around 170 Million items in 24 languages as well as a legal directory for solicitors in the US and Canada. The second case study will focus on The Wall Street Journal Real Estate in which Artirix built the portal in 2009 and 4 years on, it is still running and managing the platform for Dow Jones.

Facilitator: Jose Marques, EMEA Sales, Artirix, UK


Workshop 2: Rethinking Monetization

Online Classifieds success has been based on 4 main factors: Simple, Free, Word of mouth and Anonymous. As the web constantly evolves, the classifieds industry is reshaping and new factors of success appears and determine which companies are successful and which are not. Besedo will present and discuss which the new key success factors are and how you can use them to rethink and monetize your business

Facilitators: Johan Ericsson, Software Development Manager, Besedo, Sweden
Yann Loizeau, Global Sales Manager, Besedo, Sweden,
Fredrik Spjut, Team Leader Business Development, Besedo, Sweden


Workshop 3: How to Achieve Excellent Conversion Rates by Combining Content and eCommerce

Publishers are looking for how to expand their online services into eCommerce and transaction based business. Competition in the field is fierce and achieving good conversion rates is nothing but simple. Designstory is a case study where content was combined with shopping in a visually attractive and engaging way achieving excellent conversion.

Facilitators: Kirsi Johansson, Sales Director, Fiare Oy, Finland
Tommi Heikkonen, Business Development Director, Fiare Oy, Finland


Workshop 4: Leading the Classified Industry from Click Economy to Contact Economy

To stay ahead of the game, online classified publishers seek increasing exposure of their contents via SEO, social media and mobile. More online visitors mean more traffic. However, online advertising is moving from click economy to contact economy. Sellers are interested in quality vs. quantity of traffic.

Learn how leading minds in the classified industry are improving their online visitor’s experience, advertisers’ quality of leads and ROI with Hakema Connect™.

Facilitator: Ajay Garg, Co-Founder & CEO, Hakema, Finland


Workshop 5: A New Business Model for the Classified Industry

z’app the zettelapp at a glance: Can this be a new business model for the Classified Industry?

The z’app vendor workshop will present a Classifieds service which differs from existing services in several respects: It is decidedly local, it is mobile-only and the business model does not rely on Google.

z’app is a smartphone-based platform for private users: a mobile message board for posting messages (ads and other messages) and for receiving messages from the neighbourhood.

More importantly, however, z’app provides local shops and craftsmen with a platform for presenting their businesses and keeping their close-by customers up-to-date with what they have currently on offer. The service is funded by the fees paid by these commercial users.

Facilitators: Matthias Braun, Senior Consultant, ISV GmbH, Germany
Bernhard Neubauer, CEO, ISV GmbH, Germany


Workshop 6: 2013 Online Recruitment Trends with Madgex

Interested in learning key trends in online recruitment for the year 2013? Would you like to learn how to improve selling using real time analytics? How would you like to understand what’s cost effective in jobseeker marketing techniques for your job board? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then join the Madgex workshop as we discuss these areas as well as looking at trends in mobile and what job boards can do about LinkedIn.

Madgex is very much a technology market leader in online recruitment powering more than 200 online recruitment business & sites in many countries and languages.

Facilitators: Alastair Digby, Sales & Marketing Manager, Madgex, UK
Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Global Sales Director, Madgex, UK


Workshop 7: Bots Scrape Your Classified Content and Ad Revenues – Here’s How to Stop Them

Online classified publishers face dual threats to their business – in the form of scraping and user spamming. Automated web crawling systems, known as “bots,” scrape and reproduce your site’s valuable data, putting your intellectual property and advertising revenues at risk. Then they damage your reputation by passing on your users’ email addresses and phone numbers to spammers and telemarketers.

Learn how to stop these threats – join SiteBlackBox for an informative discussion and case study on how we blocked the bots at Junk Mail Publishing.

Facilitators: Chen Tetelman, VP Product & Customer Solutions, SiteBlack Box, Israel
Eyal Tocker, VP Sales, SiteBlackBox, Israel


Workshop 8: Establish a New Revenue Stream for Your Classifieds Business

Create a responsive site for your customers that works on every device (Tablets, Smart-phones, Feature-phones and PC’s). Come and experience how simple it is to create and how you can establish a new revenue stream for your classifieds business. The case study will include Russ Media and how they are applying the technology and solution within their Property vertical.

Facilitators: Gavin Burnett, CEO, Moboom, Australia
Max Moore, GM Enterprise Sales EMEA, Moboom, UK


Workshop 9: Ten Common Mistakes While Transitioning From Online to Mobile in the Classifieds Industry

Entering the mobile space can be tricky and you need the right timing to have the greatest impact. What are the key trends in the mobile space that will impact the classifieds market in the next few years? The classifieds market is a tough market and room for mistakes is limited especially when transitioning from online and paper. We’ll explore the top 10 common mistakes publishers make and discuss how you can avoid them to ensure your business succeeds now and in the future in print, online and mobile!

Facilitators: Stefan Batory, CEO, SensiSoft, Poland
Konrad Howard, Managing Director, SensiSoft, Poland