2014 ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award

Share your innovation within classified media!

This is the fifth Classified Media Innovation Award organized by ICMA in partnership with Vaibmu. The winner will be selected from the proposals received. All classified media companies are allowed to participate, whether ICMA members or not. Just let us know what you are doing in the innovation arena. It’s that simple!

The 2014 Award will be announced at the ICMA Athens, Greece conference this autumn (dates & theme to be confirmed). The top shortlisted companies will be invited to present their innovation during the conference and the winners will be decided by the ICMA Board of Directors.

The award is organized in cooperation between ICMA and Vaibmu Ltd. Vaibmu will handle your replies and prepare a short report, which will be emailed after the ICMA Helsinki Conference.  We welcome you to check out the innovation reports from the 2011, 2012  and 2013 Classified Media Innovation Awards. Winners from the 2013 ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award are listed below:

“Best Classified Media Innovation” Junk Mail Publishing, South Africa

“Show Me the Money” Kalaydo, Germany

“Quick Implementation” Oikotie Jobs, Finland

“Technology” Oikotie Real Estate, Finland

How to participate in the Award
Just a few easy steps will qualify you.
1.    Follow the outlined rules and instructions
2.    Share the document with your team and gather with them to discuss the listed set of questions.
3.    Once completed send your submission to info(at)vaibmu.com.
4.    Please remember to include your contact details for reference and follow up.
5.    Deadline for submissions is Friday 19 September 2014.

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