Jens Paul Berndt
CTO, Homegate AG, Switzerland

Jens Paul Berndt is an online-product-delivery enthusiast. His objective is to be a business leader who’s driving technology strategy and delivering cutting edge, best of breed technological solutions to meet the needs of the business. Jens stepped into the role for serving Homegate AG, the leading Swiss real estate marketplace, as CTO one year ago. In the last 20 years, Jens has become proficient in a broad range of areas in the digital environment. He previously worked for the Berlin office of the Scout24 Group, operators of digital marketplaces for real estate and automobiles. He left there as Head of Technology for the "Developer and New Home Builder" market segment and as Head of Product Engineering in Vienna, after expanding the Austrian real estate portal. Jens will talk about the journey to deliver products designed for the digital world. The digitalization of the newspaper speeded up the search and gave users a way bigger choice while speeding up their search. Voice search combined with natural language processing and some machine learning ingredients will redefine the way how users find their new home in the future. Join us and learn more about Jens and his teams‘ journey on their way to deliver cutting edge search experience in the future.

Cecil Hetherington
Director, Used Cars NI, Ireland

Cecil Hetherington is Managing Director of Used Cars NI, the leading used car marketplace in Northern Ireland. The company offers numerous additional services to car dealer customers as well as private sellers, and also operates a used car website in Scotland. Cecil has more than twenty years’ experience in internet-related development and for the past eleven years he has been primarily working within the auto classifieds space.

Sami Honkonen
CEO, Tomorrow Labs, Finland

Sami Honkonen is the CEO of Tomorrow Labs. Tomorrow Labs builds digital products using blockchain and artificial intelligence. One of their biggest products is a trading platform for the residential real estate market using blockchain technology. They’ve built it together with banks and government officials. Sami is also the host of Boss Level, a podcast that studies people and organizations that are breaking existing management and leadership paradigms. Guests of the podcast include Nobel laureate Bengt Holmström, US four-star general Stanley McChrystal, Spotify’s VP of Operations Simon Marcus, and many others. Presentation topic : Blockchain-based trading platform for residential real estate Presentation description : Sami's company Tomorrow Labs is building a digital blockchain-based trading platform for residential real estate. Using smart contracts, it allows real estate agents, banks and government entities to programmatially enforce all the steps involved in selling or buying a house or an apartment. Sami will talk about digitizing real estate transactions and how blockchain can help with that.

Axel Peyriere
Founding Partner/COO, Emerging Classifieds Ventures, Australia

Axel Peyriere is an emerging markets enthusiast and strong believer. With Emerging Classifieds Ventures (, he and his partners build, back and support marketplaces in automotive and real estate in early stage emerging markets around the world. Axel has also spoken in conferences around the world (Australia, Cambodia, Kenya, Singapore, Papua New Guinea...) and coach entrepreneurs in those market to bring their business ideas to reality. He also has invested in 30+ startups in more than 20 countries.

Ruchi Shah
Director, Commercial and Operations, OLX Europe, Netherlands

An e-business specialist with strong experience in leading and scaling ecommerce and classifieds businesses. She leads the Commercial and Operations Strategy for OLX Europe. She has led multiple functions in two of the biggest companies in South East Asia, OLX Group and Alibaba, during their hyper growth phases. She has over 10 years of experience working across functions, across countries, and with big and small teams.