DIAMOND Sponsor – Shieldpay

With online fraud as much as £11bn annually, and payment fraud increasing by 53% year on year, our mission is to eliminate not just peer-to-peer fraud but all payment fraud so that everyone, everywhere, can transact with each other with total confidence.

Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA for payment services, we protect both buyer and seller in any transaction by verifying the identity of both sides. Funds are held securely in the Shieldpay vault and are only released when both parties agree.

We’ve partnered with Visa to revolutionise digital peer-to-peer marketplaces by enabling the secure use of payment cards on marketplaces and classified sites, globally. Our patented payment process creates a unique environment of trust and security that every other peer-to-peer payment system lacks.

Fraud is a huge concern for both users of these platforms, and the platforms themselves and the security Visa and Shieldpay can now offer is set to revolutionise the space.


DIAMOND Sponsor – Freespee

Freespee is a sales acceleration platform for companies whose buying journeys combine online and offline conversations.

Our cloud communication platform improves lead management & conversion tools that address critical revenue leakage points across the entire sales funnel, from lead to outcome.

Freespee’s enterprise-grade visualisation platform and API provide the most accurate data insights for large companies that rely on online-to-offline interactions during critical parts of their customer journeys.

Our sales acceleration suite offers programmable workflows that automate your lead management and ensure your most valuable customers convert faster.

Freespee was founded in Sweden in 2010 and has 100 employees across 4 offices.