Welcome to the ICMA conference & articles archive page! Here you will find more information about articles and conferences ICMA has organised through previous years. Click on the links in the calender for more information:

2018 10 – 13 October
02 – 04 May
ICMA Fall Conference 2018
ICMA Spring Conference 2018
2017 11-13 October
10-12 May
ICMA Autumn Conference 2017
ICMA Spring Conference 2017
2016 19-21 October
4-6 May
ICMA Autumn Conference 2016
ICMA Spring Conference 2016
2015 21-23 October
6-8 May
What’s next for Marketplaces
Classifieds in a Sharing Economy
2014 22-24 October
21-24 May
6 May
10 April
Marketplace Monetisation Strategies
Monetising Digital: Show Me the Money
How Fraudsters Steal Identities & How To Stop Them Coming To Your Marketplace
Improve ROI with Personalized Retargeting
2013 12 December
13-16 November
13 November
10 October
11 July
6 June
19 March
17-20 April
Tips and Tools for Generating More Revenue Webinar
Expanding Beyond Classifieds Prague Conference
Intensive SEO Boot Camp
Privatis and AutoTrader – A Case Study Webinar
Step by Step Guide to Boost User Engagement Webinar
Keyword Research for Classified Sites Webinar

Scraping, Denial of Service & Spam-Danger of Bots Webinar
Marketplace Innovations Cologne Conference
2012 7-10 November
3 October
5 September
18-21 April
28 March
15 February
18 January
SoLoMo Istanbul Conference
Taking Classifieds to the Next Level Webinar
How Classified Sites Can Rank for Big Keywords Webinar
Expanding Horizons Atlanta Global Summit
Mobile Classified App. Comparisons Webinar
Consumer Content Consumption Habits Webinar
HTML5 vs Native Mobile Apps Webinar
2011 14 December
2-5 November
19 October
27-30 April
17 February
Advanced Google Analytics Webinar
Opportunities & Threats Dublin Conference
Google Analytics SEO Webinar
Recipes for Success Nice Conference
Advanced SEO Strategies Webinar
2010 16 December
3-6 November
30 September
5-8 May
Google Adwords: 5 Mistakes Webinar
Next Generation Classifieds Vienna Conference
Basic SEO Strategies Webinar
Evolve or Die Berlin Conference
2009 11-14 November
13-16 May
Monetizing Classifieds 2.0 Budapest Conference
Shaping the Future of Classifieds Tallinn Conference
2008 5-8 November
18-19 September
14-17 May
21-22 February
Transforming Classifieds Miami Conference
Sales Lab Amsterdam
Leveraging Classified Synergies Brussels Conference
Search Lab Amsterdam
2007 31 Oct-3 November
3-5 May
100% Digital Amsterdam Conference
From E-volution to Re-volution Lisbon Conference