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Social Events
GM Tallinn 2009

Get ready to experience Europe’s best kept secret, where the colourful social events will give you a wonderful opportunity to experience the medieval fairy tale of Tallinn. The costs for these unique social events are included in the General Meeting registration fee (except for the Gala Party which is charged separately). Make sure to register for the social events upon registration.

Wednesday 13 May
Meet and Greet lunch

Get reaquainted with your fellow ICMA members and prepare yourselves for an afternoon of bargaining!

Hansa Merchant’s Day

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Tallinn is a city associated with trade and merchants. Therefore we figured the best way to experience this is by taking you back to the olden days to try your hand at selling and trading. Each team will be invited to complete a set of tasks, all the while exploring and learning the history of Old Town. Time to find out who the true negotiators and salespersons are of the group and just how creative you can be!

Suggested Dress: Walking shoes for the cobble stoned streets of Old Town.

Welcome Reception & Dinner

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The Swissôtel, is where we will be enjoying the Welcome Reception and Dinner. Join us in the conference foyer for the Welcome Reception where we will be welcomed with a typically Estonian drink by our host Sanoma Baltics. Dinner will take place in the Cafe Swiss restaurant, where we will enjoy a delicious dinner buffet. A great evening to reconnect with ICMA members new and old.

Thursday 14 May
Olde Hansa

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This evening we will be taken back to the Middle Ages. Servers in period costume will treat us to an authentic medieval dinner. A richly diverse menu befitted for royalty will be prepared according to medieval standards. This is an experience not to be missed!

Friday 7 November
Free Time

After full days of learning, networking and the like, we give you a chance to relax and explore a bit more of this amazing city. The Swissôtel is a comfortable 10 minute walk to Old Town where there are many diverse restaurants to enjoy. A great chance to continue to network and/or meet up with old friends!

Saturday 16 May
Gala Party at the Brotherhood of the Blackheads

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Hosted by Sanoma Digital, we are in for a very special evening at this historic venue, dating back to the 14th century. The brotherhood was a guild of young unmarried merchants who played a major role in the life of medieval Tallinn. They organised tournaments, huge feasts and parties (appropriately enough!), as well as being involved in politics and helping to defend the city.

They named their guild after their patron Saint Mauritius who was dark skinned. The brotherhood left Tallinn in the 1940’s however, they left Tallinn with the only preserved Renaissance building including the most eye-catching doorway which has been part of the building since 1640. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this amazing venue to the fullest!

Tickets for the Gala Party are separate from the General Meeting registration.