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The AIM Group is the world’s leading consulting company in the field of classified advertising and interactive media. With a team of more than 30 analysts in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia, we work with companies ranging from “two guys in a garage” to multinational publishers and global Internet giants to help strengthen classified advertising services.The AIM Group delivers “must-have” information and analysis through its publication, Classified Intelligence Report, known as “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” We work with our clients to develop successful, real-world businesses, and spend our time on practical issues and immediate concerns.The AIM Group has an extensive team of consultants spread all over the world, each of them having years of experience in the field. The AIM Group works with hundreds of classified advertising publishers worldwide, including some of the leading global providers of classifieds. We focus on professionalism, objectivity, delivered/added value and confidentiality.

Our service portfolio widely ranges from publishing standalone special reports and annual packages of continuous advisory service. As consultants, we develop custom projects including Research, Analysis and/or Strategy. As an extension of these projects, we can provide strategic workshops, sales trainings and many other proprietary consulting services.

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Besedo empowers online marketplaces to grow with trust by enabling their users to engage fearlessly with one another.

Since 2002, Besedo has partnered with online marketplaces of all sizes, across the globe to help them create user trust, better quality content and better user experience in the digital world. In order to achieve this, Besedo uses a combination of AI moderation, automated filters and human moderation. Besedo also provides their partners with actionable insights related to both users and content, allowing them to adapt and evolve their product faster and stay competitive. To learn more visit us at besedo.com



Scamalytics maintain the largest shared anti-fraud database dedicated to the online dating industry.
They help dating sites to eliminate:

  • Chargebacks
  • Affiliate fraud
  • Camgirl fraud
  • Redirection fraud
  • Romance scams
  • Fake profiles

Their systems combine behavioral analysis of users, shared blacklists, pattern matching and image recognition to catch fraudulent activity early and reduce the costs associated with dating fraud.
They are continuously updating their system with the latest fraud types. To learn more about Scamalytics visit their webpage scamalytics.com


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FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare organisation with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Heli Dungler in 1988, the organisation strives to help animals in need with sustainable campaigns and projects. The work is based on substantiated research and scientific expertise as well as intensive national and international lobbying. FOUR PAWS focuses on animals that are directly under human influence: stray dogs and stray cats, farm animals, companion animals and wild animals including bears, big cats and orang-utans kept in inappropriate conditions. With offices in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA, FOUR PAWS aims to help animals in need directly and quickly. www.four-paws.org


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IOVOX is a leading call-tracking and communication-analytics company. We exist for the sole purpose of providing truthful and actionable information to businesses of all sizes. Since 2007 IOVOX has provided call tracking and data insight solutions to major organisations, which include AutoTrader, Zoopla, OpenTable and OnTheMarket.


Rough estimates show vertical search engines (VSE) or aggregators represent between 15% to 20% of inbound traffic for classified sites worldwide… and growing.

Mitula is one of the world’s leading VSE’s for classifieds, with a current portfolio of more than 170 websites in 45+ countries and in 17 languages. Following the acquisition of Lokku Limited in May 2015, and Nuroa in March 2016, the Mitula Group operates its websites under three main brands: “Mitula”, “Nestoria” and Nuroa. Mitula Group indexes more than 250 million ads every day having signed partnership agreements with over 13,000 classified sites worldwide.

How does it work?

  • Partner sites provide a data feed to Mitula Group via XML format
  • Mitula indexes the XML feeds and disseminates bits of partner content throughout the entire web, mining good traffic volumes that is then redirected to the partner portal.
  • Mitula generates serious quality additional traffic and runs well structured non-colliding businesses with classified portals.
  • Mitula is specialized on getting classified seeking user traffic. Users perform segmented searches on Mitula. Then Mitula re-directs users to partner classified web sites where transaction and leads happen.
  • Traffic generated from mitula is mostly new users and high quality conversion driven. It is therefore niche qualified traffic.
  • Leading portals across developed and maturing markets use mitula’s as an additional traffic source.
  • In January 2016, the Mitula Group generated more than 90 million click-outs to advertisers’ websites.

Please talk to us to learn what Mitula could do for your business.

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ShieldPay is an Instant Digital Escrow facility, built for Classified Marketplaces.

Over $100 billion of transactions take place annually between people who don’t know each other. With the existing traditional payment options, 12% of these transactions will result in fraud.
We enable anyone to create an instant Digital Escrow facility with no set-up costs in less than 10 seconds. The platform protects both buyer and seller in any transaction by verifying the identity of both parties, securing the funds in the ShieldPay Vault and only allowing a release when both parties agree.

Our Instant Digital Escrow facility allows any Classified Partner to upgrade their platform into a fully transactional marketplace. Opening up a new revenue stream for our Classified Partners.

Adding ShieldPay ensures the safety of your users, enables bidding, best offers, closed listings and cross-promote other items based on the sales data we provide.


Simility offers a full customized suite of fraud prevention tools:
– Device Recon: The only device ID product with fuzzy matching, risk scoring, and machine learning
– Manual Rules: Create, edit and test new rules in minutes instead of weeks
– Machine Learning: Customized models for each application
– Analyst Workflow: Custom views highlight most relevant info, cut operational inefficiencies by 3X
– Data Science as a Service: Put Simility’s fraud data analysis experience to work

Fraud and abuse (fake accounts, payment fraud, scams, fake reviews, account takeovers, etc.) are constant challenges for businesses. While there are many third-party solutions targeting only credit card fraud prevention, companies have to build their own systems for holistic user and transaction fraud and abuse management. These companies should not have to sacrifice their time and resources to building fraud and abuse management systems, especially when it is out of their realm of expertise. This is where Simility comes to the rescue. We give any company the same sophisticated, customized software usually reserved for large companies with big dedicated fraud departments.

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