DUBLIN, IRELAND 2-5 November 2011

25th Anniversary Celebration 1986-2011!

The autumn ICMA 25th Anniversary conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland, where companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo! and Facebook have their European headquarters. The conference theme “Classifieds: Opportunities and Threats” is never more relevant than in the city that houses the companies that are directly impacting and transforming the classifieds industry. We invite you to join us 2- 5 November in Dublin to tap into new revenue generating possibilities, as well as learn what the biggest threat is for your classified business and how to come out ahead of it!

A conference not to be missed for many reasons…one being the 25th Anniversary conference we are expecting the largest turnout in ICMA history (largest attendance on record was the Berlin Conference in May 1996 with 161 delegates)! Save the dates now and check back regularly as we get the programme and speakers solidified.

The conference will run for a full 3-and-a-half days, from the Wednesday Welcome Reception and dinner, through three full days of sessions, networking and an excellent social programme.

Registration opens on 15 August for Early Birds (EUR 549 for members or EUR 799 for non-members) until 16 September when the Standard rate (EUR 699/EUR 999) will apply.

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Wednesday 2 November

14.00 – 17.00
Dublin Group Activity
17.00 – 19.30
19.30 – 22.00
Welcome Reception and Dinner

Thursday 3 November 9.00 – 17.30


Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening

Keynote Address
“Mama – you ain’t heard nothing yet! We need Red Monkeys!

Organizations are facing one of the most complex transformation processes ever. The transformation from slow moving 2D-organisations to agile, innovation driven 3D-organisations. The transformation from consensus based organizations to Red Monkey driven organizations. We need heroes that lead this dramatic transformation process and are willing to face the drama’s. The title is a phrase from the movie “The Jazz Singer”. This movie ignited the switch from the silent movies to ‘talkies’ or spoken movies. Today we need a similar, dramatic switch in management thinking. This session will create insight in the needed transformation and illustrate the crisis we face by means of compelling metaphors and Red Monkeys.

Speaker:Jef Staes, Leading authority on Learning and Innovative Organizations, Belgium

Content is still King

This session we will be joined by the Founder and President, Luke Beatty, of Associated Content – a top 50 web property known as the web’s first crowd sourced media platform and currently the VP of Local and Communities for Yahoo!. Luke will cover the importance of content in classifieds to enrich the users experience ensuring repeat customers.

Speaker: Luke Beatty, VP Local and Communities, Yahoo!, USA

Going Social

“Opening a Facebook Page is like opening a flagship store, and a very busy one “states Jan Rezab. The question is no longer whether or not to go social but how to maximize social media to increase your brand, business and revenues.

Speaker:Jiri Voves, Director, Socialbakers, Czech Republic

Socializing Classifieds

Are classifieds social? Are people more willing to buy and sell within their network? Or are classifieds in the traditional format here to stay – with the main goal in bringing buyers and sellers together? Don’t miss this hot topic to see if your business is maximizing all the possibilities available in the social marketplace.

Facilitator: Tiia Näsänen. Business Manager, Sanoma Digital / Sanoma News, Finland

Panelists:  Luticia Hill, General Manager,, Canada;





Jody Epp, Director of Marketing and Sales,, Canada,
Peter Zollman, Founding Principle, AIM Group, USA


Speed Networking

This is your opportunity to get a chance to put a name with a face and connect from day one!

(separate sessions for Business Leaders, Sales Managers and Technology Managers)

The aim is to ‘get behind’ the numbers and really understand what business decisions and strategies can impact these key markers.

Participants will be asked to submit in advance some easily-established business metrics relating to the principal areas of their online business. These will be shared with the session attendees, and then discussed in small groups, so that participants can quiz the star performers on how they have achieved their results, and in turn share their best practices with the group.

This will take place in two sessions (90 minutes then 60 minutes) informal and relaxed forum alongside a parallel sales and technology managers track.

A fantastic opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to!

Participation in this session is included in the registration fee, please indicate when registering that you wish to participate so that Head Office can send you the short questionnaire to complete.

19.00 – 22.00
Irish Folk Group Dinner

Friday 4 November 9.00 – 17.00

Session 1
Friday Keynote: Getting Google’d

The Friday keynote is not to be missed as we welcome Shane Nolan from Google. Shane will cover the hot topics including how to use Adwords effectively to really build your business, the need to be data driven and what Google is seeing in classified search. Shane will also hit monetization of classifieds with Google on mobile – as well Google + and the impact this will be making on the classifieds marketplace. A jam-packed session full of all the Google goodies!

Speaker: Shane Nolan, Head of Online Sales, Google, Ireland

Mobile Apps and “Opps”

Mobile apps are continuing to take the market by storm. What are the best apps for classifieds? How can you best integrate mobile apps into your business platform? This session will cover mobile apps as well as the mobile “opps” (opportunities) to from a publisher who has successfully integrated mobile ensuring this is an opportunity rather than a threat to your business.
Speakers: Sidharth Gupta, CEO, FreeAds and GETIT, India;


James Harkin Co-Founder and Director of Technology, Element Software Ltd. Ireland


Session 2
The New Classifieds

Classifieds are moving in many different directions, it is sometimes overwhelming and difficult to see what is here to stay and what is just a fleeting trend… Join us for this session to get an idea of opportunities you should be investing your resources into.
Speakers: Peter Conti, Executive Vice President, Borrell Associates, USA

Brainsnack Session

Join us for this Brainsnack Session in which we will have 2 short vendor case studies immediately after each other with Q&A afterwards. A very successful way of presenting cases both for the speakers keeping on point and the audience’s full attention.
Speakers: Jesper Lilliesköld, Vice President Business Development, Besedo, Sweden; Others to be confirmed

The 60 Second Sale

“A crazy simple way to sell stuff online” is how TechCrunch describes – the newest ecommerce site that has taken the net by storm. Richard will discuss how is a solid opportunity for classified publishers to monetize their classifieds with this very easy ecommerce application.
Speaker: Richard Straver, Co-Founder,, USA


We will be offering 3 workshops which will run for 90 minutes each, and will be repeated twice. These interactive sessions allow 20 – 25 participants to work closely with an expert facilitator to guide their discussions and answer questions as they share experiences and ideas.


With the onset of the many online only classifieds, those running profitable print classifieds tend to be forgotten. This workshop will focus on how to use effectively manage digital to continue to maximizing print revenues.
Facilitator: Helmar Hipp, Managing Director, Quoka & VM Digital (Vorarlberger Medienhaus), Germany


This workshop will focus on mastering the fundamentals for a successful SEO strategy while keeping pace with the rapid industry changes. Topics include: improved search engine rankings and visibility, increased free organic traffic from search engines, and more valuable qualified traffic and conversions -just a few of the hot SEO topics to be covered in this solid workshop.
Facilitator: Anne F. Kennedy, International Search Strategist, Beyond Ink USA


Google will be facilitating an information session on utilising Search, the Display Network, Mobile, Google+ and Analytics to drive your online strategy.  Come prepared to learn from the experts and partake in an interactive workshop on using Google to grow your business!
Facilitators: Marie Davis,  AdWords Account Manager, Google, Ireland


Helen Faley,  AdWords Account Manager, Google, Ireland
Hilary Hughes,  AdWords Account Manager, Google, Ireland
James Collins, Account Manager, Google, Ireland
Evening: Free night

Saturday 5 November 9.00 – 15.30

Sessions 1-3
ICMA Member Meeting
2012 Budget audit and an update on 2011 projects. We encourage you to be an active member!

Business Leaders’ Forum

The Business Leaders’ Forum is designed specifically for senior executives to come together in an intimate closed meeting in order to share their opinions and ideas with their peers. The Dublin”BLF” will discuss in detail the challenges publishers are currently facing and how to overcome them to ensure continued profitability and business success.
Speaker: Rob Hage, CEO, Farm Country Trader, USA

Sales Managers Workshop

The Dublin Sales Manger’s workshop will cover key metrics such conversion rates, average ad value, telesales vs field sales etc. Expect an invigorating session with the diversified group of classified sales managers, ensuring an impassioned debate about how best to lead a sales force. Not to be missed!
Speaker: Mikko Ketola,Sales Director, Sanoma News/Sanoma Digital , Finland

Business Operations Forum

This dedicated session will focus on marketing and technology. The “BOF” is an excellent opportunity for middle management to have one session dedicated to their specialty while also participating and learning more about the other departmental needs, which allows for smoother operations overall and in the process they will come away with new revenue generating or process improving ideas from around the world.
Speaker: Jiri Voves, Director, Socialbakers, Czech Republic

Peter Varga, Director of Sales, Socialbakers, Czech Republic