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LinkedIn Networking
GM Amsterdam


To maximise the networking opportunities before, during and after the Amsterdam General Meeting, we have set up a LinkedIn Group specifically for this event to which all delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors have been invited to join. there is no cost involved and you will remain in complete control of your data at all time.

For those of you who might not already use LinkedIn, it is a very powerful business networking tool that you can use to extend your business contacts, forge new partnerships, get advice from experts, find/offer jobs, source suppliers and manage your business relationships. It operates on the principle that you trust and value the people that you know and work with so you “connect” to them directly via LinkedIn. These contacts have in turn their own contacts and so on, so that eventually you end up with a substantial number of contacts in your network that you can leverage through the relationships that you have with your first-level contacts.

The ICMA “100% Digital” Amsterdam General Meeting 2007 LinkedIn Group will allow you to establish a slightly different relationship with the people that will be attending the Amsterdam event. You will not be connected to them on a one-to-one basis (unless of course you choose to invite them to join your network), but you will be able to browse their professional profiles and contact them directly. Group members cannot “spam” the group, and members can choose to switch off their contact details at any time. Also, group members will not be able to see your network of contacts (unless you are directly connected to them). You are obviously free to leave the group at any time.

LinkedIn have a great set of FAQ’s which should answer most questions about the Groups service.

This is a very simple way to greatly increase the networking potential of the Amsterdam conference. Instead of sending Head Office a mail asking who was the Latvian with the subscription-based website, you can browse the group members and contact them directly (but Head Office is always very happy to answer these sorts of questions, and even try and identify people from photos!).

If you have received an email invitation then we look forward to you joining the group, if you haven’t then please contact Lucie Hime (the Group Manager) at Head Office for an invitation.