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100% Digital
31 Oct – 3 Nov 2007

The conference theme will be 100% focused on the strategic and practical technology and online issues that are impacting the classified media industry.

As in Munich in 2006, the event starts on the Wednesday and will run for the extra Plenary Day so we can pack in more formal sessions, and yet still leave enough time for the essential networking and relationship-building that deliver the additional unique value for delegates.

A further innovation will be the benchmarking event for senior management planned for Friday afternoon.

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Wednesday 31 October

GM Amsterdam

Registration desk open in hotel reception
Meet-and-Greet Lunch – Radisson SAS
Teambuilding Painting Workshop
Welcome Reception– Radisson SAS
Welcome Dinner – In de Waag


Thursday 1 November – 0900-1730

GM Amsterdam

Chairperson’s Opening – Rob Paterson, Group MD, Friday-Ad Ltd, UK
Keynote Address

Kicking off the 100% digital theme of this GM, will be a wide-ranging presentation from one of the foremost consultants and analysts in our sector, helping to set the scene for the sessions to follow. Greg Sterling ran the Local Interactive Media unit at Kelsey Group and now operates from his own consultancy business. His address will analyze the classified media landscape today, identify the key issues and technologies moving forward, and dissect the consequences of convergence – an invaluable insight into our rapidly-changing sector.

Greg Sterling – Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence, USA

Who’s On My Site And What Are They Doing?

Information is power, imagine if you knew all about every visitor to your site, how they got there, what terms they had used to find you, what other sites they had visited and where they went after they left your site. And then, imagine if you had all this information about your competitors’ sites… Hitwise, one of the leading providers of competitive intelligence on user behaviour, explains what all the data tells us about the classified media marketplace, and how you can leverage this to your advantage.

Robin Goad – Director of Research, Hitwise UK, UK

Web 2.0 – Vertical Search and Aggregation

There are as many definitions of Web 2.0 as there are stars in the sky but one of the key aspects for classified media is the growing role of both search and aggregation. Vertical search and aggregation is the latest innovation, espcially in the principal verticals of autos, jobs and property. What’s the rationale behind this development, and what opportunities does it present for your business?

Gary Stewart – CEO, Goa Internet Services S.L., Spain

Print Is Dead. So Where Do We Go From Here?

If the era of print is over, what business models and product marketing strategies should we be employing to make the most of the digital medium? Ilse Media Groep BV is the Dutch arm of the Sanoma Corporation, and they are real evangelists for the digital platform, guaranteed to wake you up before lunch!

Paul Molenaar – CEO, Ilse Media Groep BV, The Netherlands

The Online Future of Yellow Pages and Classifieds

As the annual printed Yellow Pages books and the more frequent printed traditional classified papers fall over themselves to migrate their businesses online, what are the common challenges and opportunities they face? A view from an experienced operator of both products…

Geneviève LeBrun – VP Marketing, Trader Corporation, Canada

Panel: The Mobile World

With the continued spread of mobile telephony in both mature and developing markets, and the promise of broadband mobile Internet, there’s so much that publishers can do to leverage this new platform. This panel, led by an expert on the implications of the mobile channel will combine theory and practice, with predictions for the future and real-life examples of what’s working (or not) in mobile classifieds right now.

Panel chair:
Bob Cauthorn – CEO, CityTools LLC, USA

Jan Webering – CEO, Sevenval AG, Germany
Felix Erken – Managing Director, Junk Mail Publishing Group Pty, South Africa

How Can We Make Money Out Of This?

We’re delighted to welcome back one of the most enthusiastic adopters of new technology that ICMA ever met. Bargain News seems to roll out new and exciting functionality on its websites almost every week, here Dan will talk through some of his latest innovations and “show us the money”!

Dan Rindos – General Manager, Bargain News LLC, USA
Felix Erken – Managing Director, Junk Mail Publishing Group Pty, South Africa

The Digital Danes

Den Blå Avis is a force to be reckoned with in Denmark and from leading the market in print, the canny Danes laid their plans and made what seemed to be a seamless shift to digital dominance. How did they identify opportunities for new revenue streams, and then implement their strategy so effectively? A lesson for all of us in product management and organisation…

Peter Moerkenborg – Business Manager dba.dk, Den Blå Avis, Denmark

Building Community Online

AS Sanoma Baltics (formerly AS Infesto) operates in one of ICMA’s smallest markets but also one of the most Internet-savvy and fastest-growing, Estonia. They face plenty of competition though and this has led them to take a new approach to their used-car business. Margus explains how.

Margus Tomberg – Managing Director, AS Sanoma Baltics, Estonia

Evening: Traditional Dutch Dinner at Haesje Claes


Friday 2 November – 0900-1530

GM Amsterdam

Yahoo! And The Changing Search Landscape

As the web becomes more and more crowded, so users’ dependence on search tools increases. What does this mean for publishers fighting to ensure their content can be found, what lessons can we learn from user behaviours and how can we apply this knowledge to the local space?

Eylard Wurpel – Business Development Director, Yahoo!, The Netherlands

Monetising Local Search

As well as spending time and money on search, how about generating some revenue from it? More and more publishers are taking advantage of the new and various platforms that let them monetise their own directory and classifieds content rather than leaving it up to the big search engines – here’s how!

Michael Oschmann – CEO, Mueller-Medien GmbH, Germany

Directories vs Classifieds?

One of largest directory publishers in Europe, European Directories operates in 7 markets and is aggressively developing its digital business in both Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and has plans to incorporate classifieds. What possible partnership opportunities does this throw up, and what synergies can be exploited?

Simon Greenman – Managing Director-Online, European Directories, UK

The Choppy Waters Of Boat Advertising

Boat classified advertising is a growing and specialist sector, and combining such a high-tcket item with the free-free trend in the classified sector has thrown up some interesting strategies and revenue streams, particularly online. Friday-Ad owns www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk and will share their experience of this unique vertical.

Paul Cruise – Operations Director, Friday-Ad Ltd, UK

The Case For Pan-European Classified Advertising

Mascus is aiming to be first truly pan-European marketplace for used machines and trucks. Owned by Alma Media Interactive Oy, Mascus has carved out a significant niche for construction, transport, and agricultural machinery in 21 European markets – what lessons can we learn from their experiences?

Fredrik Larsson – Director, Mascus, Finland

Does Anyone Advertise A Job Offline Anymore?

Recruitment advertising was one of the first ‘pillars of classifieds’ to move online, and the creation of the major job portals was a clear sign that the web was here to stay. But the newspapers fought back and created their own online champion, how has the print heritage helped (or hindered) the relentless progress of CareerBuilder?

Tony Roy – Managing Director – UK, CareerBuilder, UK


A chance to interact with your fellow delegates whilst discussing a specific topic, the 30-minute round-table workshops will be repeated 3 times and will cover the following topics:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Making sure your site is returned in the top 10 results for the major search engines is the goal of all SEO practioners. A guide (and debate) as to the most effective strategies…

David St John-Tradewell – Head Of Business Development, Spannerworks, UK

Sales Force: Structure And Compensation – One of the major challenges in the move to the online channel is the changes it requires in how you organize and reward your sales people. ICMA’s best ‘people-person’ will lead this discussion.

Peter Lamb – Consultant and Sales Trainer, Lamb Consulting, USA

It’s A Mobile World – Once touted as the ‘next big thing’ for classifieds, how can we expect the platform to develop, and what new revenue streams can we create? Answers in under 160 characters please!

Mark Challinor – Managing Director, G8Wave UK, UK

Going, Going, Gone! The Case For The Auction Model – Even as eBay moves to increase its classifieds listings, classifieds publishers are showing renewed interest in the auction model. How can it add value in a fixed-price world?

Michael Bang – Managing Director, banghaus.com GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Usability (Or “Form Follows Function”) – Making sure that users can find what they are looking for on your site easily and quickly is not always as easy as it sounds. But paying attention to usability issues can deliver real and quantifiable returns.

Karl Gilis – Els Aerts, Managing Partners, AGConsult bvba, Belgium


closed session for a maximum of 30 senior executives) – 16.00–18.00

This new format will bring publishers together in an informal and relaxed two-hour session to discuss a series of pre-researched metrics (key performance indicators).
The aim is to ‘get behind’ the numbers and really understand what business decisions and strategies can impact these key markers. Participants will be asked to submit in advance 3-4 easily-established metrics (e.g. % annual growth in online revenue, or sales channel breakdown) in three main business areas: online business, the private advertiser and paid circulation. These will be shared with the session attendees, and then discussed in small groups, so that participants can quiz the star performers on how they have achieved their results, and in turn share their best practices with the group. A fantastic opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to!

Participation in this session is included in the registration fee, please indicate when registering that you wish to participate so that Head Office can send you the list of required metrics.

Evening: Free time…


Saturday 3 November

GM Amsterdam


Are you busy missing the opportunity to capitalise on Web 2.0 just as badly as you missed Web 1.0? How can you delay shifting your print revenues to the internet when you know that digital incomes are at least twice as profitable? What is your company internet strategy and budget, who is really in charge and what are your sources of inspiration? Are you too conservative? What are the real risks if you were to be more bullish with your online market? Is free distribution of print a better model to complement your online strategy? How do you measure, understand and react to your competitors? A passionate debate of all these issues and more, led by the leader in the South African classified ads market.

Gérald Coniel – CEO, Junk Mail Publishing Group Pty, South Africa


Sometimes, the role of sales manager can seem like a constant juggling act of many (and ever-multiplying) different aspects. The challenge of the online channel adds several new balls to this difficult act and even the best performers can risk dropping one, or more. So this SMW will concentrate on breaking down the role to the core areas, establishing and quantifying the impact of the online challenge, helping attendees agree priorities as they work together to reconstruct the role to create a sales manager fit for the digital world. Attendees will leave with a clearer sense of purpose, a blueprint for success when they return to the office, and the invaluable shared ideas and experiences from their peers. You’re worth it…

Peter Lamb – President, Lamb Consulting, USA


The 2008 budget, Head Office updates and report on the transfer of the PHOENIX system – come and get involved in your Association!


The new operators of the PHOENIX system present their plans and establish a user group to help guide future development.

Evening: ICMA Gala Party on the Prins van Oranje