Dutch VAT Refund Information
GM Amsterdam


As an organisation registered with the Dutch tax authorities (the “belastingdienst”), ICMA is obliged to charge 19% VAT on all conference registrations, guest fees and Sponsorship and Exhibiting packages for the Amsterdam General Meeting. This also applies to companies in European Union countries even if they supply their VAT number; this is because the service is being delivered in ICMA’s home country.

However, the vast majority of companies can apply to the Dutch tax authorities to have the VAT refunded in full providing that they can supply the original invoices and proof that they are registered with their local tax authorities. Amazingly, this process does seem to work and money does get paid back so perservere and you will be rewarded.

There are two steps to getting a VAT refund: firstly you must obtain a Dutch registration number from the ‘belastingdienst’ (even if you are from an EU country), and then once you have this you can make the application for the refund itself.

Fortunately the ‘belastingdienst’ has a very good English section which explains the process and where you can download all the forms. You can find the explanation here and the forms here.

Head Office is very happy to give you a hand if you get really stuck but please appreciate that we simply do not have the resources to process everyone’s claims!