At the Lisbon Business Meeting on Saturday 5 May 2007, the Committee proposed three key motions relating to the future direction of the Association. These were discussed and debated at length and voted on in a very well-attended meeting.

You can read the full minutes, but the results of the votes were as follows:

1. Do you agree to the proposed changes to the ICMA Bylaws as outlined in the attached document and authorise the transfer of all ad-exchange activities to a third-party as soon as possible?
This motion was passed unanimously.

2. Do you agree that the ad-exchange service is no longer a core part of ICMA’s activities and therefore that the PHOENIX service should be wound up by 31 December 2007? (this only to be voted on if Motion 1 is rejected)
This motion was not voted on due to the unanimous approval of Motion 1.

3. Do you agree to the proposed changes to the ICMA Articles as outlined in the attached document which will change the Association membership criteria?
This motion was passed with a majority of 93% in favour, with a quorum of over a third of ICMA members represented in the Business Meeting.

In addition to the above motions, the Business Meeting also unanimously approved the 2006 ICMA audit and the appointment of Accountants BVVA to do the 2007 audit.

A new Committee for 2007-2009 was elected.