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ICMA Marketplace Innovation Award 2018

The International Classified Marketplace Association Innovation Award tradition will be revived in Vienna in 2018

This is an annual recognition of creativity and innovation in the classified marketplaces industry. The award is organized by the International Classified Marketplace Association and it is an open competition for members and non-members of the association.

The ICMA Board of Directors will chose three finalists for each section. The applications are judged on novelty, creativity, results, sustainability and presentation. The finalists will have to present their projects during the conference in Vienna, and the attendees will be voting the winner for each of the four categories.

The winners will be announced during the ICMA Innovation Award Gala Ceremony in Vienna on Friday, 4th of May 2018.

Who can submit?

All classified marketplacesare allowed to submit their nominations whether they are ICMA members or not

How will the winners be decided?

Each Submission will be evaluated using four criteria :
1) Novelty,
2) Creativity,
3) Sustainability
4) Results. The results will have the heaviest weight in the evaluation. The jury will give also an extra weight for the clarity of the presentation.

3 companies per category are selected for the shortlist.Shortlisted companies will be invited to present their innovation during the conference.

Live Voting at the Conference : the jury will select 3 companies in each category as finalists. These 12 companies will present their projects during the conference. The audience will vote for the winner of the respective category at the end via live voting!

What are the categories?

ICMA – ”Don’t stop me now!” – Innovation award – for most innovative product
This award goes to the company that created a very innovative product over the year of 2017. Innovations can be understood as genuinely new ideas, or as new or improved ways of implementation. The likeliness that these new innovations can be sustained and have significant, long-lasting and increasing impact as well as scalability will be considered.

ICMA – ”Let Me Blow Ya Mind“ – Marketing award – for best marketing idea
This award recognises and rewards brilliance in the field of marketing. Creativity in raising awareness and originality delivered by industry marketers will be the key evaluation points. Jury is interested in finding the most creative and efficient ways of promoting classified marketplaces online or offline.

ICMA – “Show Me the Money!” – Profit award – most profitable product
Jury is looking to find the product or solution that in 2017 has proved to be most profitable. Award will go to the solution that managed to return investment very quickly after implementation and increased profitability by cost innovations.
ICMA – “Virtual insanity” – Technology award – for most revolutionary tech implementation
Award aims to highlight the key tech players in our industry. Advances in Technology that created more efficiency, cost effectivity and have provided firms with an invaluable reach to clients and customers is what the jury will be looking for. This section is also open for service providers.

Where do I sign up?

Last day for submitting nominations was 28th of February. Finalists will soon be announced here.

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