The International Classified Marketplace Association Innovation Award was awarded in Vienna


The International Classified Marketplace Association Innovation Award is an annual recognition of creativity and innovation in the classified advertising industry. The award is organized by ICMA and it is an open competition for members and non-members of the association.

This year more than 30 companies from 16 countries submitted their nomination and the ICMA board of directors managed to shortlist 3 from almost all categories. The 11 finalists presented their projects at the Vienna spring conference on the 4th of May and the attendees decided who the award should go to with live voting through the conference app.

Who are the winners?


ICMA – ”Don’t stop me now!” – Innovation award – for most innovative product was awarded to Njuškalo Croatia, part of Styria group, for Automatic categorization! As the portal has more than 1400 categories adding the ad to the right category can become challenging. The company approached the problem through Computer Vision that saved users on average 2.7 clicks in ad placement in category chooser. The final solution is fine-grained recognition which is very fast, hierarchical, domain specific and with data as competitive advantage – unique globally.


ICMA – ”Let Me Blow Ya Mind“ – Marketing award – for best marketing idea went out to Oikotie, part of Sanoma Digital Finland for the power of emotions in superbrand marketing project. The big idea of the marketing concept is to show that Oikotie is involved in all major life choices, which is why we threaded the stories of the verticals together. The emotional campaign was launched in October 2016 and it was a great success from the beginning! TV was the main medium and the same concept was used in other media, online, radio, print and social media. The spontaneous feedback from customers was immediate and we received a huge amount of encouraging messages via different channels.


ICMA – “Show Me the Money!” – Profit award – most profitable product was awarded to Twyzle, an end-to-end platform for creating and promoting landing pages for small to medium companies in minutes. Twyzle, a start-up company incubated by El Clasificado group. Within the first four weeks, El Clasificado used Twyzle to add $100,000 to their bottom line. They now have 290 active clients using the service. Projected annualized revenue is currently $350,000.


ICMA – “Virtual insanity” – Technology award – for most revolutionary tech implementation went to RussMedia Tech for the XMLShaper. This is an interactive tool for transforming XMLs and JSON data from any source to a desired XML representation, coming as a solution for many platforms in the process of importing data from different sources and formats or exporting in different formats. Using a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop, users without a technological background are able to setup a transformation, apply filters, data mapping, create rules, schedule and run automatically the transformations. With this new tool, the team managed to reduce the time to market for imported data from 2-3 day to 1 hour, by excluding development capacity.


All the winners got a free pass to the next ICMA conference and a 5 minute speaking slot at the same event.

When is the next edition?

The next ICMA Marketplace Innovation Award 2018 will be held in spring 2019.