Interesting Mobile Numbers

Everyone with ICMA seems to be talking about mobile these days so I figured what the heck why not write a quick post about it. Some of the more interesting numbers that I have found:

  • 371,124 births per day world wide (Source)
  • 850,000 Android Activations per day. (Source)
  • 309,000 iPhones Sold per day. (Source)

There are roughy 865,000 more mobile devices activated/sold than people are born worldwide per day.

One of my favorite bloggers Luke Wroblewski has a nice infographic breaking this down (Link)

These numbers are all well and good but how about some real world numbers. Here is an example from a site my company administers.

  • Since the beginning of the year one of our sites and seen over a 200% growth in mobile traffic when compared to the same time frame as last year.
  • Over 90% of this traffic is search engine referrals.
  • We have seen a 50/50 split between IOS and Android devices.
  • Visit duration is more than 10% higher when compared to the desktop visitors.

Bear in mind that site currently does not have a mobile optimized version, meaning what you see on the desktop and what you see on your mobile device is the same.

So go have a peak at your stats and see if you are noticing trends like our example site. If you need more help attend the “Going Mobile from A-Z” talk given by Beverly Crandon. Her talk will focus the trends and realities of the mobile spectrum.

See everybody in Atlanta next week!

AJ Lemke, ICMA Future Leaders Network Member,, Web Developer