Standard membership is basic membership of the Association and entitles all the employees of a member company which operates in a single country or territory to access all the benefits offered by ICMA.

If your company operates in multiple countries or territories, then you should apply for a Group membership which will enable all your employees to benefit.

Any classified marketplace, subject to meeting some basic criteria, can become a member of ICMA.

Applicants complete a short application form and provide the latest edition of their publication or access to their website. The application will be distributed to all ICMA Board of Directors and after a short consultation period, they are admitted into the Association.

The rules that govern the Association can be found in the ICMA  Articles and Bylaws.

Standard Membership Fees for 2015

Annual Membership Fee€1195
(approx. US$ 1630)

Included in the first 12 months of membership is a free registration (worth € 999) to one of the ICMA conferences held during this period.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Conference & Marketing Manager. Or contact one of the ICMA Board of Directors who are publishers and will explain how they have benefited from their membership.