Marketing as the battle of perception?

Maybe you think that marketing is the battle of products? Thanks to Talia Wolf’s presentation “Conversion Optimization” one could realize marketing is much more the battle of perception.

And first thing to do if you want to optimize your conversions is to realize that people who are buying your products are emotional beings. And they usually have an emotional reason why they buy something. And you should focus on that. You have to understand why they bough your product and track their “conversion feeling”.

Don’t just display, rather explain
If you take a closer look at the online world, there is such a huge push on customer to buy any product displayed. Instead of doing this, companies should concentrate much more on explaining to their customers why their products are good for them.
So, what is the core question you should ask yourself if you want to boost your conversions? “How do people feel when they visit my website?”

Three pillars, three ways how to change your mind set
Talia Wolf mentioned three different pillars which can help everyone to understand their customers’ feelings much better.
The first pillar is making it about the customer from the beginning. It could be the hardest one because you as a company have to change your perception of communication. You should start to be customer centric which means you have to stop just talking about and highlighting your brand because presentation like this is not working anymore (if ever so).
Instead, you have to communicate how your products change your customer’s life. Of course, in a better way because people are usually trying to find the better version of themselves when they are online.

Show it, don’t tell it
If you know how to do it, you should show it, not tell it. Which is the second pillar. If you care about emotions you have to concentrate on the whole picture not just on text. Every image shown on your website counts. But how did you choose them? Are they representative enough that customers would understand what do you want to say on every single page?
What’s more, you have to choose carefully because you have just a few seconds to deliver your key message to your customers because of the lack of permanent attention and concentration on the website.

Look for emotional triggers
The third pillar is about testing. Remember that there’s no shame in not knowing. How could you understand your customers’ behavior better after testing it? It is crucial to A/B test your website and see what has worked and what has not. But instead of testing the color of your buttons (which is a detail you can try to improve later on), you have to concentrate on a bigger picture – emotional triggers.

What does it mean? Emotional triggers basically motivate and target people in the first three seconds when they see your messaging on the website, and triggers something in them to buy. Deliver them the right emotion they need to feel when they visit your page – present your trust, confidence or show them that you are powerful. This is the basic trigger trinity which could have, for sure, its own sub-triggers. For example the expression of confidence, superiority or inspiration.

To sum up, before you start with a website conversion optimization, you have to realize that it is going to be a long run testing. And what is more, you have to know what exactly to test and concentrate on emotional triggers which could help to boost your conversions.

Written by: Andrej Slivka, Content Manager at Annonce