ICMA’s Mission:

“ICMA is the international trade association for classified marketplaces. We exist to serve our members through facilitating the exchange of information and best practice in order to improve the performance of our industry”.

What’s in it for members?

We offer a range of valuable incentives for our members in addition to the prestige of an ICMA membership:

  • Relevant and timely industry information – two major conferences in the Spring and Autumn of each year which deliver 2.5 days per event of expert presentations, panels, workshops and meetings. Members are automatically subscribed to the electronic newsletter, and can access the online industry news database.
  • Networking and idea-exchange – the single most valuable benefit of membership.  ICMA members are incredibly open and forthcoming about their businesses, what ideas they’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and are happy to share their considerable collective expertise. Our events are deliberately designed to maximize networking opportunities with plenty of free time and social activities to break down barriers. In between events, Head Office acts as a hub to connect members facing similar issues and challenges so members can help each other throughout the year.  In the meantime why not checkout our social network on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Sharing of best practice and thought leadership – ICMA membership extends across classified and structured media in its broadest sense, covering all business models and channels, and enables members to actively benefit from the innovations and insights in related sectors. Special forums such as the wildly successful “Sharing Best Practice” session in recent conferences are designed to foster the discussion and analysis of best practice, and leaders in their fields are active in sharing their knowledge.
  • Partnerships and savings – ICMA has established partnerships with the major newspaper and publishing associations so that we can offer discounted rates to relevant events to ICMA members. We also have arrangements with third-party research companies to supply discounted reports and research services – see the Partner pages. Please email our Conference & Marketing Manager to find out the discount offered for the Partner event you are interested in as rates vary. We are delighted to be able to offer our members complimentary tickets to some events.
  • Future Leaders Network – ICMA members have the opportunity to nominate a rising star in their organisation to join the ICMA subcommittee – Future Leaders Network (FLN). Not only does this mean your organisation receives a more active presence within the ICMA association, it also allows for the personal development of the individual through global networking and presentation opportunities at the conference. Please note that FLN members also attend the conferences at no cost, saving you a minimum of €599.
  • Job Swap Opportunities – ICMA’s FLN also have the chance to visit media operations of other members in other countries. Past experiences have proven this to be a hugely beneficial experience for both parties. For more information on this please do get in touch.
  • Total focus – ICMA is the only international association which is completely focused on classified media. Whilst many other media bodies occasionally include it in their broader conference programmes or research, ICMA is the only place where everything is focused on one objective, making classified media work better every day. This means that none of your valuable time is wasted as everything is relevant and helpful to your business
  • The difference – ICMA is unlike many other trade organisations in the remarkable degree of trust and openness that is shown between members even when they are competing in the same market. We recognise that we are facing many of the same challenges, whatever market we work in, and that we will all benefit from sharing our ideas, experiences and even failures. This means that competitors can happily work alongside each other in the ICMA network, sharing opinions and discussing market trends without compromising any commercial confidentiality, and then return to work and compete just as fiercely as ever.