Thursday 5 October 2006


Introductions + 25 revenue-generating ideas from around the world

After a quick round of introductions so that everyone knows where everyone else is coming from, it’s straight down to business with each company presenting 3 online revenue-generating ideas that they have implemented (2 successful, 1 unsuccessful) and asnwering questions from the group. Describing the objective, method, execution, results, and lessons learned to be applied in future will let all delegates benefit from the experience of one ICMA member.

Delegates meet together for a networking buffet lunch
Website walkthroughs

Each ICMA member company represented will walk the group through a live demo of the main features of one of their online sites. This will include the user (reader) functionality as well as the options available to advertisers such as an online ad-placement service. The group has the chance to ask ask questions, discuss different features and compare to their own sites (e.g. how many clicks to place an ad?, how can you track ad-taking inefficiencies?)


This session will focus on the features and benefits of the PHOENIX self-service page, its deployment and marketing, plus the sales support tools that are available from Head Office. There’ll be a refresher on key categories for national and international ad sales, and the chance for the group to feed back to ICMA.

Group dinner in a central Amsterdam restaurant

Friday 6 October 2006


Products, promotion and the sales process

What is the optimal online product to offer? How can you balance the competing dmands of users and advertisers? And doesn’t it make sense to make the sales proposition core to the design of any online offering? Delegates will be split into four teams and asked to design an online classifieds site, deciding which 3 of all possible revenue-generating features they want to include and a clear plan to promote their use. They will create an easily-communicable sales story to support the new product, and plan a marketing and promotion programme to launch it. Each team will present back to the group, which will vote on the best product and prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

The numbers – packaging. pricing and metrics

This session will be a group discussion of what packaging and pricing policies each company represented uses. The facilitator will capture these, group them by type, and then delegates will debate the key advantages and disadvantages of each to identify the most effective and profitable strategies. To help delegates better understand how to measure online audiences and the performance and effectiveness of their product, there will be a detailed overview of key metrics commonly used to quantify/qualify and sell online advertising, and delegates will be invited to comment on their usability and effectiveness.

Delegates meet together for a networking buffet lunch
People and performance – targeting, monitoring, motivating and improving

Delegates will break into four (different from previous) teams with brief to develop a targeting strategy for print-online salespeople and online-only, agree 3 critical KPI’s for online sales people (how do/should these differ from print sales people?), create an policy for tracking of these KPI’s and plan a coaching and motivational strategy for the online sales operation. Each team should present back to the group.


will close with all delegates completing a Commitment Form, detailing what they are going to do upon their return to the office, plus their suggestions for future event content.

All of the ORGL

proceedings will be written up by Head Office, posted on the ICMA website and distributed directly to all ORGL delegates