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The Association of Free Community Papers is ICMA’s sister association, based in the USA. The AFCP represents over 235 publishing companies producing over 2,000 free-circulation community publications reaching more than 16 million homes across North America. Like ICMA, the AFCP organizes conferences to bring its members together so they can network and learn from each other as well as participate in formal industry specific sales training.

The AFCP also operates the National Advertising Network, Inc. (NANI) which is the largest national classified advertising network in the country, offering advertisers a convenient, one-stop opportunity to advertise products and services in shoppers and community newspapers.

The 2017 AFCP Annual Conference and Trade Show will be held in Louisville, Kentucky next April 20-22 at the beautiful Galt House in the center of downtown overlooking the Ohio River. To find more information as it becomes available click the logo below:

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Special offers for ICMA members

Similar to ICMA, AFCP organises high quality conferences to benefit its members. All ICMA members are offered great discounted rates to all AFCP events…just another perk of the ICMA membership.

If interested please contact our Conference & Marketing Manager for the promo code to receive your discounted rate for this event.