After the successful launch of the first-ever  “Shaping Your Future Workshops” in Cologne, we’re pleased to be presenting you with the Prague edition!

ICMA delegates will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and fellow publishers on how to best shape the future of your business. Attendees can attend 2 of the 6 workshops offered on Friday, 15 November – the key is to divide and conquer to get the most out of these unique sessions!

*NB: Please note that these are separate workshops from the Friday afternoon sessions

Workshop Session 1 – 12.00 – 12.20
Workshop Session 2 – 12.25 – 12.45


Workshop 1: Beyond Cats, Phones and ‘Other’…Outsmarting the Verticals

Find out how a selection of general classifieds nailed it and beat their niche competitors.

Facilitators: Johan Ericsson, Software Development Manager, Besedo, Sweden
Yann Loizeau, Global Sales Manager, Besedo, Sweden,
Syvain Lamblot, VP Sales, Frederik Karlberg, Business Development


Workshop 2: Online Shopping Inspired by Content – The Aller Media Magazines
Case Study

The Aller Store will expand Aller’s online media services to including online shopping while providing both consumers and advertisers an attractive new shopping and advertising channel. How do you make a successful link between content and online shopping and monetize your audience?

Facilitators: Kirsi Johansson, Sales Director, Fiare Oy, Finland
Kai Kärki, CTO , Fiare Oy, Finland


Workshop 3: Market Trends: Online advertising Beyond Traditional Classified Advertising

This workshop will cover the following:
– Examples & analysis of online classified transformation
– Quick Tips: how to get more revenue from online ads without spending tons of money
– Demo of some easy-to-integrate contact, booking and payment solutions

Come and learn more about how online advertising platforms are changing their portals overnight!

Facilitator: Ajay Garg, Co-Founder & CEO, Hakema, Finland


Workshop 4: Driving Customer Confidence in AutoTrader.Com

Privatis Technology Corporation CEO Steven J. McAuley will share a case study detailing the company’s successes in support of by showcasing how Privacy Shield™ was implemented to help protect private sellers from online fraud and robocall harassment.  Since launching, Privacy Shield has handled more than one million phone calls in an effort to filter out harassing telemarketing robocalls and scammer attacks, and more than 170,000 emails in an effort to protect consumers against phishing scams and spam.

Facilitator: Steven J McAuley, CEO, Privatis Technology Solutions, Canada


Workshop 5: A High Octane Solution – A Carsales Case Study

Carsales, Australia’s leading automotive classifieds, used Moboom to build websites for their marine, equipment, caravan and bike dealers. They deployed more than 1,000 fully responsive sites in just a few days and increased their revenue considerably. Join us to learn how they did it.

Facilitator: Gavin Burnett (CEO), Australia  &  Jef Rice (COO), USA, Moboom


Gravity R&D

Workshop 6: Gravity R&D – Seven-fold CTR Increase with Personalized Re-targeting :  A Classified Media Case Study

The workshop covers several case studies about re-engaging and converting high-intent prospects with personally recommended ads in re-targeted banners on external sites where the classified business advertises on. Let’s assume that a user had recently been browsing among Volkswagen ads on the classified site. By identifying the user with her cookie ID, we can provide relevant content in the banner on an external site where the classified site advertises on (in this case, new Volkswagen ads that match the user’s latest behavior on the classified site). By showing personalized banners, the user will return to the classified site with higher probability, compared to non-personalized re-targeting campaigns.

Facilitator: Peter A. Csikos, President & CEO of Gravity R&D, Hungary

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