ICMA “Expanding Beyond Classifieds” Conference
Social Selling, Price Comparison Services and Much More


The conference will run for a full 3-and-a-half days, from the Wednesday Welcome Reception and dinner, through three full days of sessions, networking and an excellent social programme.

IMPORTANT:  We have changed up the programming for Prague. The Business Leaders Forum, Business Operations Forum and Sales Managers Workshops will all take place on Thursday, 14 November.

Registration for Early Birds ends on 20 Sept (EUR 599 for members or EUR 849 for non-members). Standard rates (EUR 749/EUR 999) will apply leading up to conference time.

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Wednesday 13 November

10.00 – 12.00
Prague Group Activity – Tour of Prague Castel
13.00 – 17.30
Intensive SEO Boot Camp –  Evan Fishkin, Director of SEO, MSN at Microsoft, USA
17.30 – 19.30
19.30 – 22.00
Welcome Reception and Dinner

Thursday 14 November 09.00 – 17.30

09.00 – 09.10     Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening
09.10 – 10:00     Member Sneak Preview

We are welcoming a few selected members to provide a “sneak preview” of their respective businesses, highlighting their current business challenges, monetisation techniques and biggest success to date.

Speakers: Veli-Matti Vänninmaja, Business Manager, NettiX Oy, Finland; Jouni Lehti, Development Manager, NettiX Oy, Finland;     Tim Scholte, CEO, Mascus, The Netherlands;   Rob Paterson, CEO, Erento, UK

10:00 – 10:30      Advanced Marketing Tools

Looking to learn more about 3D visualisation, photos and websites?  ICMA member Homegate.ch will be discussing how they changed their organisation from hunting to farming, a  challenge that we’re all soon to face as our industry evolves.

Speaker: Heinz M. Schwyter, CEO, Homegate.ch, Switzerland

11:00 – 17:30     Business Leaders’ Forum

The market share for online advertising  is still growing worldwide, while the growth in classifieds is slowing down/decreasing. Why is the money from print classifieds not transforming into online classifieds? Why are online classifieds losing market share while other genres of online advertising are growing? The Prague BLF will discuss this and solid tactics around the monetisation of classifieds. If you are looking for a secret sauce – this is the session for you!

This session is designed specifically for senior executives and provides an intimate environment where they can share thoughts, ideas, and strategies with peers.

Speakers: Marja-Leena Tuomola, President, Sanoma Digital / Sanoma News Ltd, Finland

Istvan Martis, Portfolio Director, Sanoma Media, Hungary

11:00 – 17:30     Sales Managers Workshop

The SMW will focus on the experience, competencies and characteristics needed to lead a sales force in times of transformative change in the media industries. We’ve taken feedback from previous SMW attendees and have created a session that will ensure maximum relevancy.

Speaker: Andrew Martin, Director Corporate Development, Borrell Associates, Canada

11:00 – 17:30     Business Operations Forum

Are you tracking your key metrics….Revenues,  Costs,  Clients – new/ returning,  Trends – weekly, monthly, annually, Traffic? Big data will be the focus of the Prague “BOF.”  Comparisons across different platforms that provide solid insights is one of the many things that the attendees of this session will learn.  As well as the best use of all the data readily available and much, much more!

Speaker: Lukáš Čech, Web Analytics Heavy Lifter, Etnetera a.s., Czech Republic

12.30 – 14:00     Lunch
19:00 – 22:00    Czech Group Dinner at U Fleku

Friday 15 November  09.00-17.30

08:30 – 09:00      Member Meeting

The 2014 Budget and an update on current ICMA projects will be discussed. We encourage you to be an active member!

Session 1
09.00 – 09.10     Welcome by ICMA Chairperson and Thursday Highlights
09.10 – 10:00     Keynote: The New Classifieds Marketplace

We welcome back Greg Sterling to kick-off the Friday morning keynote.  Greg will share relevant case studies on integrating mobile and social media into your classifieds, as well as provide an overview of the new classifieds marketplace!

Speaker:  Greg Sterling, Internet/Mobile Analyst, Sterling Market Intelligence, USA

10:00 – 10.30     Price Comparison Shopping

Learn from one of the best in business on how to effectively add price comparison listings to your classifieds site.  Kieskeurig.nl is the Benelux leader in online price comparisons, and provides them for a for a large variety of products and services, while ensuring users get access to solid reviews and reliable research.

Speaker:  Mirelle Bos, Manager, Kieskeurig.nl &  Kieskeurig.be, The Netherlands

Session 2
11.00 – 11:30     Social Selling

Social selling is about building relationships, not just pipelines, and will be the most important channel used by companies to engage with their customers in the coming years. Recognising that the profession of sales is changing and that customers are more informed than ever before, salespeople must learn how to leverage social media to more meaningfully connect and interact their customer base. In this session you’ll learn the WHOs, WHATs & HOWs of social selling, and how it can help you grow your business.

Speaker:  David Blake, Social Selling Consultant, LinkedIn, Ireland

11.30 – 12:00     Mobile Strategy

This session will highlight the shifts in consumer behaviour in mobile and how consumers will use and discover content.  Join Benedict to learn what needs to be done to make money and stay ahead of the competition!

Speaker:  Benedict Evans, Consultant at Enders Analysis,  United Kingdom

12:00 – 12.45     Shaping Your Future Workshops

A chance to learn from the experts and fellow publishers on how to best shape the future of your business.  You will have the opportunity to attend 3 of the 10 workshops offered – the key is to divide and conquer to maximize this unique session!

Facilitators:  PrivatisBesedo, Hakema, Click Performance Group, Fiare Oy, Moboom, Yac,
Gravity R&D, ISV

12.45 – 13.45     Lunch

We will be offering 5 workshops which will run for 60 minutes each, and will be repeated three times. These interactive sessions allow participants to work closely with an expert facilitator to guide their discussions and answer questions as they share experiences and ideas.

Workshop Session 1 -> 13.45 – 14.45
Workshop Session 2 -> 14.50 – 15.50
Workshop Session 3 -> 16.30 – 17.30

WORKSHOP 1 – All You Need to Know About Legal Mobile Dating Sites

In the world of  mobile it is becoming increasingly obvious that only the strong get stronger and those not on mobile will on get weaker.  This session will share solid case studies of the best business models, mobile dating sites / apps,  and how to keep them clean.

Facilitators:  Marc Lesnick, CEO,  Internet Dating Conference, USA & Sam Gilbert,  Head of Partner Account Management, DatingFactory, UK

* WORKSHOP 2 –Maximizing Facebook

Facebook has been around for nearly 10 years although businesses are still working out the best way to identify and reach their target market via this ever-growing platform. This session will cover just the best way to leverage audiences and technologies to provide efficient market research via the Facebook platform and implement actionable strategies based on the data.

Facilitator:  Elias Chavando, Business Development Senior Director, Loud Door, USA

* WORKSHOP 3 –Prepare Your Website for 2014

This workshop will focus what classifieds should be looking for from analytics and the how to’s of social/ecommerce analytics.

Facilitator: Nikki Rae, Managing Director and Founder, Future Insight Analytics, UK

* WORKSHOP 4 – Market Innovations

Back by popular demand, we welcome Odin to share more of the exciting market innovations Autotrader.nl has taken on to run a more lean and efficient business. Learn how one of the leaders in the industry is taking innovation seriously, while enjoying  increased revenues and decreased costs.

Facilitator: Odin Termohlen, Senior Manager Online & New Media,  Sanoma Media Automotive, The Netherlands

* WORKSHOP 5 –  SEO Skills

Are you coming up first in the Google listings?  How is your website structured?  Are your categories, topics and sub-topic pages content rich? Evan is back to give us the best SEO tips and tricks to ensure your site stays  ahead of the game!

Facilitator: Evan Fishkin, Director of SEO, MSN at Microsoft

Evening:     Free night

Saturday 16 November  9.00 – 16.30

Session 1
9.00 -9.30     AshleyMadison.com’s Secret to Success

With 20 million+ members in 32 countries, AshleyMadison.com successfully advertises in both online and offline classifieds and directories worldwide.  This informative session will provide a real world case study of how dating works in the online classifieds space, highlighting how they gain traffic and retain loyal users.  David will also share some insights on their mobile usage and design. Come prepared to learn from one of the best classifieds niches there is.

Speaker:  David Benoliel, Chief Revenue Officer, Avid Life Media, Canada

09.30 -10.00     Driving into the Local Media Landscape

Automotive advertising has taken a turn, moving from the traditional media of  broadcasting and newspapers to online and direct mail.   The historical shifts in auto spending across each media type and the forecast for the next five years will be just a few of the hot topics discussed.

Speaker: Andrew Martin, Director Corporate Development, Borrell Associates, Canada

10.00 -10.30     Fighting Fraud

How much time (money) do you spend reviewing legitimate transactions?  Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the amount of steps needed,  as well as unnecessary charge backs?  This session will have you fighting fraud on your website in 3 simple steps!

Speaker:  Hassan van de Riet, Sales Director EMEA, ThreatMetrix, The Netherlands

Session 2
11:00 -11.30     Pivoting Brands for Success

Gillian will cover productisation, re-purposing IP, and pivoting your brand for success in the coming decades.

Speaker: Gillian Muessig,Co-founder & Founding President, MOZ, USA

11.30 -12.00      How to build business using Social Media

Did you know more than 60% of all questions/complaints etc. are followed up on Facebook posts? This session will provide compelling case studies sharing some valuable insights on how best to utilize social media for your business.

Speaker: Jan Rezab, CEO & Co-Founder,  SocialBakers, Czech Republic

12.00 -12.30     Revenue Generating Ideas

Generating revenue can be a daunting task. Learn from the worldwide innovators the top revenue generating ideas that will provide a multifaceted approach to generating the “show me the money” results to propel you into 2014!

Speaker: Katja Riefler, Principal and director for EMEA, AIM Group, Germany

12.30 – 13.30     Lunch
Sessions 3&4
13.30 – 16.30
(separate sessions for Business Leaders, Sales Managers and Technology Managers)

The aim of these targeted sessions is to ‘get behind’ the numbers and really understand which business decisions and strategies are likely to impact these key markers.

Participants will be asked to submit in advance some easily-established business metrics relating to the principal areas of their online business. These will be shared with the session attendees, and then discussed in small groups, so that participants can quiz the star performers on how they have achieved their results, and in turn share their best practices with the group.

This will take place in two sessions (90 minutes then 60 minutes) and provides an informal and relaxed forum alongside a parallel sales and technology managers track.

A fantastic opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to!

Participation in this session is included in the registration fee. Please indicate when registering that you wish to participate so Head Office can send you the short questionnaire to complete.

19.30 – 00.30     Gala Party at Letenský Zámeček

An excellent opportunity to continue networking,  as well as enjoy a full evening out including welcome cocktails, three-course seated dinner, dj, dancing and open bar. You’ve had a full-on week; it’s time to celebrate!