Sales is one of the fundamentals of our classified business but it’s changing constantly as the products we offer evolve, advertisers’ expectations grow (and their time and budgets shrink), and management requires ever-improving numbers from the sales department to compensate for lost circulation revenues.

So the Sales Lab programme will address all these aspects from offering a “refresher” aspect to communicating the benefits of many new multimedia products, from meeting and exceeding advertiser needs to implementing smart strategies to deliver on the business plan.

Mike’s expertise is not just theoretical, it’s intensely practical, and so expect this programme to deliver real measurable value that you can start using as soon as you return to the office.



Sales Lab

Topics that the Sales Lab will cover will include
The basics of the “consultative” sales process

getting into the right mindset “We provide solutions.. not media”

building the proper relationship with advertisers

how to beat the competition in winning the business

Prospecting new multimedia business

who to target with our existing advertisers

who to target for NEW business development. And why!

Getting “In The Door”

how to make sure you’re in front of the right people

getting by the infamous “gate keeper”

building instant rapport to make the process easier

Making an effective multimedia sales call

how to “surgically” extract the exact information you need to “close” the sale

making sure that there will be a second call

closing business on the first call? It can be done… and how to do it!

The exact elements of a winning multimedia campaign

“real world” examples of “closed” sales from similar markets (with similar available product offerings)

what is needed in the sales presentation

the exact elements of the presentation with “role playing” exercises

Closing multimedia business

fielding the common “objections vs. conditions”

ten “tried and true” multimedia closes that work!

What is a good ad?

copy that works

design that works

placement that works

(copy, design and placement that doesn’t work!)

The qualities of the best multimedia salespeople

how to incorporate new traits into day-to-day tasks that will maximize results

how to identify, recruit and motivate your team

No paper, no ink!

how to effectively present, explain the features and benefits of online advertising products, (and close the deal) to traditional print advertisers

simple non-patronizing educational tips to better inform your advertisers