Dave Wiseman

VP of Sales at Scamalytics

Dave has been at the cutting edge of technology since he started programming back in the 1960’s and he continues to promote the latest technology available to make sure that online businesses worldwide are protected as far as is reasonable possible.

User interface has always been at the heart of his work since the early days as a Systems Analyst through to setting up and running internet based businesses.

He was responsible for taking the world’s first Virtual Credit card to market and fraud protection was a key element of the proposition (www.entropay.com).

His goal is always to maximize genuine revenues by making the customer journey easy whilst at the same time minimising the opportunity for fraud.

For the last 15 years he has worked on fighting internet fraud in in high risk industries such as online gambling, online dating and payments introducing and helping to develop the latest technology (www.iovation.com).

More recently Dave has worked with Scamalytics using a network of dating sites to collaboratively fight scammers and is looking to bring the same technology to the classifieds industry.

Dave is also a keen fisherman and loves to travel