Davor Anicic

Business Development Manager at Styria Data Science

Business and Sales Development Manager for Data Science products. Since 2015 hands-on experience on successful cutting-edge AI implementations (based on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing) in classifieds, marketplaces, and news such as ads categorization based on images and text, revolutionary visual search, recommending similar products and news articles or audience segmentation. In short – all components that lead to superior and personalized AI-backed user experience that grow and transformtoday’s digital ecosystems.

Experienced in working in corporate, academic and start-up environment. Hands-on entrepreneurship experience from both the entrepreneur and angel investor side. 15+ years of experience in managing business and software development in different industries like telco, finance, scientific R&D, online publishing, and e-commerce.Proven success-record inproject writing, patent draftingand developing successful business from innovative concepts. Passionate about working with cutting-edge technology and bringing them all the way from idea to the product loved by the user.