Felix Erken

CEO and co-owner

Felix Erken has a long history with classifieds dating back to 1992. He first got involved as a photo agent in the launch of Auto Trader before running the Company as MD 2 years later. ‘Those were incredible days where new concepts, thanks to entrepreneurial flare and new technology, opened the industry up and made it rife for disruption’.

‘We had just launched a credible niche car classified paper when, BAM, the internet came along’. ‘Really’?? Felix later joined the Junk Mail Media group in 1998 as a project manager. ‘The Company was as disruptive as you can get, free classifieds in print taking on the newspaper groups, and we’d already gone online 8 months prior, cannibalising our own print products. ‘There was a great pioneer spirit and a feeling that so much was going to happen in the future’. And happen it did. Junk Mail Media group rapidly expanded print operations and in tandem launched several website equivalents’. ‘It was just a matter of time before this started to turn towards online’. Today the initial publishing empire has completely transformed to digital. ‘We are the biggest pureplay classifieds/marketplace Company in Africa’. All indicators for the future are green lights and the prospects look fantastic for a Company that has not only seen a transformation from print to digital but now from classifieds to full blown marketplaces. ‘I wouldn’t change from this industry for anything’. I’m a qualified fashion designer, but nothing has changed more in 15 years than this industry’. ‘It’s mega and its helluva exciting’

Following a recent management buy-out, Felix is the current CEO and shareholder of Junk Mail media group.