Zac Anton

Founder & CEO at FairNinja

Zac is a CEO and disrupter proudly from Croatia. An impassioned young creative professional, an overview of Zac’s career shows a lifelong commitment to delivering change, with rich creativity at its core.

His early work as Founder and Chief Architect of ARHDE co.(architecture & design) affirmed his skill set holds great value across multiple spheres and professional pursuits.

On account of his international experience – having lived in Hamburg, Moscow, and London alongside Zagreb – Zac brings to his architectural pursuits a unique capacity to create designs that convey an authentic local identity, while also conferring cutting-edge international trends and stylings throughout each and every project.

Though Zac is each day in the business of bringing about change and disruption, so too has he acquired an extensive reputation for a traditional and ‘old school’ skill set. Zac is able to identity numerous avenues within an existing business or operation for growth, innovation, and optimization of personnel and processes.

At the same time, he has proven capable of doing so without diminishing the existing structure or ongoing profitability of a brand. This ability has been evidenced throughout his work as CEO of OGLASNIK group (founded 1989) – the largest and oldest classifieds co. in Croatia ( Oglasnik.hr Posao.hr Auti.hr ). From hardware optimization, to new marketing plans, and the refinement of visuals and editing across the print and digital publishing business, Zac illustrates a unique capacity to envision what a business could be tomorrow, while also addressing the concerns of today.

At present, Zac is most enthused about implementing new technologies and marketing those niche products through digital media. With a constant pursuit of the next big idea in software and hardware he also consults and helps build startups from idea to market.