This is a list of speakers for the ICMA Autumn Conference 2017. Please check-in regularly as it is updated continuously.

Yuriy Mukhin
Co-Founder at Lalafo, Ukraine

Yuriy has been involved in online marketplaces business since 2008. Prior to co-founding Lalafo, he was the Head of Marketing at Slando in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Slando became a part of world’s 3rd biggest classified Avito after a successful completion of a $570 million deal, growing into one of the strongest market leaders in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Yuriy has also served in a variety of leadership roles in consulting companies and International organizations (such as UNDP, USAID).


Alastair Campbell
Founder and CEO at Carsnip, United Kingdom

Alastair is a serial entrepreneur who built, Simply Moleskine, Company Check and now Carsnip. A driven and extremely positive individual, Alastair loves the energy created in a startup. Building a product while simultaneously getting a team of the best people together and raising money is a challenge that he relishes every day.

Dave Asher
Founder and CEO at Hozi, South Africa

Dave Asher


Dave is a serial entrepreneur with love for animals who has been enjoying the shift in global consciousness.

The Founder, Co-founder and owner of 3 companies, Dave is embarking on a multifaceted journey of creating a Horizontal Marketplace made up of multiple industry verticals, helping other portal owners do the same in their respective markets, and making animal alternative products more accessible to those choosing to follow a more compassionate way of life.

Felix Erken
Managing Director at Junk Mail, South Africa

Anton Zabannykh
CEO of Yandex

Joanne Bou Jawad
CEO at Opensouq

Malcom Myers
CEO at Europena Internet Ventures