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Sanoma Digital Finland Press Release

Flat hunting, dating, job hunting, purchases… Many of life’s most important decisions have gone digital

Sanoma will host ICMA’s international conference on classified media in Helsinki 21–24 May.

The Internet Classified Media Association ICMA will organize its spring conference this year in Helsinki. As the largest media player in Finland, Sanoma is hosting the event, which theme is Monetizing digital: show me the money.

Digitalisation and change in the consumer behavior has shifted  the classified ads to the web. Continue reading Sanoma Digital Finland Press Release

Driving Customer Confidence in AutoTrader.com

Safe and Simple Communications Drive       Privatis_logo_with_tagline
Consumer Confidence in AutoTrader.com

Online scammers and aggressive telemarketers continue to refine their methods for culling personal information from online classified sites. Exposed personal contact information is gathered and used for lead generation, where thousands of automated calls be made for just a few cents. These sophisticated attacks are now moving into phishing schemes, reaching consumer through SMS and working to undermine the communications that are the backbone of interactions on classifieds. The robocall problem is now grabbing headlines as the source of the top consumer complaint in the U.S. Many online classified sites are still exposing personal contact information as consumer fatigue grows and governments feel the pressure to react.

Privatis_Privacy_Shield_AutoTrader_screensIn response to customer demand that email addresses and personal phone numbers be removed from private seller ads, AutoTrader.com added personal privacy protections that support simple communications between sellers and buyers to increase user satisfaction and enhance confidence in the site.

In nine months in 2013, Privacy Shield ™ realized the following results:

  •  198,000 emails handled
  • 1.06 million calls processed
  • 616,000 illegitimate calls blocked

For more on Privacy Shield™ and its personal protection features that have been shown to repel the nuisance calls that can make up 50 per cent of all calls to online classified ad users:

Download the Presentation Deck
Watch the webinar recording on YouTube
Download the case study, “Shielding Personal Information and Blocking Online Threats to Increase Consumer Trust”
Contact Jay Innes (jinnes@privatis.com), Director, Business Development
or speak with CEO Steven McAuley at our upcoming Prague conference!

This blog post was written in cooperation with Privatis Technology Corporation

Driving Classified Revenue Through Personal Engagement

Optimising engagement and visitor satisfaction on a classified media site is one of the most important elements of a company’s long-term sales and marketing strategy. The investment used to acquire visitors is high, and the efforts to keep them there should be equally so. Gravity_1Most classified sites, however, tend to provide the same content and services across the board, leaving individual desires and interests out of the equation. These sites miss out on the opportunity to maximise the value and length of the visitor lifecycle. Classified sites employing a more personalised approach and strategy will enjoy significant boosts in visitor satisfaction, brand loyalty, revenue potential and ROI.

Gravity_2Jofogas.hu (a Schibsted Classified Media site) realised this, and wanted to gain more insight into the personal wishes, interests, and needs of their visitors. Getting to know their current and potential customers, and tailoring content to them in real-time, meant that they were able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace as well.

Through personalising the user experience on their classified sites, Jofogas immediately saw the following results:

  • 11% more ad detail page views per visit
  • 10% increase in the level of interactions between buyers and sellers
  • 300% increase in CTRs (click-through rates)

For a deeper dive into the Jofogas case study, and to learn more about Gravity R&D, you can:

This blog post was written in cooperation with Gravity R&D