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Driving Classified Revenue Through Personal Engagement

Optimising engagement and visitor satisfaction on a classified media site is one of the most important elements of a company’s long-term sales and marketing strategy. The investment used to acquire visitors is high, and the efforts to keep them there should be equally so. Gravity_1Most classified sites, however, tend to provide the same content and services across the board, leaving individual desires and interests out of the equation. These sites miss out on the opportunity to maximise the value and length of the visitor lifecycle. Classified sites employing a more personalised approach and strategy will enjoy significant boosts in visitor satisfaction, brand loyalty, revenue potential and ROI.

Gravity_2Jofogas.hu (a Schibsted Classified Media site) realised this, and wanted to gain more insight into the personal wishes, interests, and needs of their visitors. Getting to know their current and potential customers, and tailoring content to them in real-time, meant that they were able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace as well.

Through personalising the user experience on their classified sites, Jofogas immediately saw the following results:

  • 11% more ad detail page views per visit
  • 10% increase in the level of interactions between buyers and sellers
  • 300% increase in CTRs (click-through rates)

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