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Facebook to require SSL certificates for Pages

Facebook LogoI got an email today from our Domain provider to inform me that if we have a customized Facebook Page or if our Facebook Page is hosted outside of Facebook, we would need to provide Facebook with a valid SSL certificate. The change is said to start on 1 october, 2011 – are you ready?

With so many publishers creating social media departments to look over their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the hundred other social media sites, the last thing we need now is to purchase an SSL certificate – especially when many publishers have one Facebook page per brand. Already as a user you can make your site secured through your settings. Why can’t they offer that same opportunity for the pages for free. Not everyone that has a Facebook Page is a major company with a big budget that can afford to buy SSL certificates for their multiple pages. The whole point of Facebook is that it’s free for users, regardless of if it’s a regular account or a business page.

Is this just a taste of what’s to come to our “free” social media?

Of course along with the email from my domain provider, I got his pitch on how we should buy our SSL certificate from them with a 20% discount.

You can get more info on this news at facebook’s developers blog: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/497/

by Gabriela Martin del Campo

Director, Strategic Operations for El Clasificado