“Sharing Best Practice” is designed to allow senior executives, sales managers and the newly added ICT to gather in small groups in three parallel sessions and really “get behind the numbers” of a traditional benchmarking study. So rather than just learning that the average online revenue growth is 45%, whilst yours is only 23%, you can identify and quiz the best performers who are achieving 70+% to find out exactly what they’re doing to deliver the better numbers.

To do this, we need to collect just a few key metrics from you in advance. These are listed on the “Sharing Best Practice” questionnaires with examples to illustrate what we’re looking for, and suggestions for how to interpret them. (To be uploaded in the coming week.)

ICMA is home to many different business models, and so whilst the Committee has selected metrics that are as universal and meaningful as possible so that we can compare “apples with apples”, you will need to use your common sense. Please feel free to contact Head Office if you are at all uncertain about anything.

The metrics will be published together in three separate documents and distributed to the registered session participants when you pick up your badge and conference folder at the registration desk on Wednesday. Your results will be published under your name and company so that participants can easily identify the strong performers in areas where they are weaker, and seek them out in the discussion groups. The metrics required are usually ratios or percentages so you do not need to share any commercially-sensitive data such as detailed revenue figures.

A couple of things to note (and changes from previous “Sharing Best Practice” sessions):

  • To avoid meaningless averages, e.g. combining the high number of unique visitors to a well-established site with the low numbers for a new product, please report the data for individual sites where indicated separately in the columns marked Site 1 or Site 2 and list the URL of the relevant site. You don’t have to supply data for more than one site although the more data, the merrier. You can also choose different sites for different metrics, just be sure to indicate the URL each time
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a site with “poor” numbers, sometimes the greatest value can be gained from discussing and analyzing the under performing areas of our businesses
  • To set the numbers in context, we are asking that you provide a short company profile to accompany your data (you can fill this in on the questionnaire). This will really help everyone understand the environment in which the results have been achieved and ensure that maximum time is available to discuss the data instead of gathering basic background information. The company profile should describe the company, its products and the markets it operates in, we suggest no more than 150 words
  • Make sure that you have indicated on your conference registration that you wish to attend this session. There is no additional cost but we do need to know numbers for the room set-up, the composition of the groups, and also to manage the data collection and crunching

If you have any questions or anything is at all unclear, please contact Shay Klomp Bueters at ICMA Head Office on or by telephone on +31 06 1506 7378.

Please complete the data in the yellow boxes and return the questionnaire to Head Office by Friday 22 October latest, by email. We will send all registered attendees a reminder on Friday 15 October but if your data is not received by Friday 22 October, regrettably, you will not be able to attend the session in Vienna.